A deliberate process and caring staff will guide you through this process.

Our network of drug rehab clinics is there for you when you need professional addiction assistance and care.

With numerous effective methods and unprecedented compassion and respect, our Reach addiction recovery centers are built upon the idea that treatment should be designed for the person that is being treated. Each drug effects each person differently, and therefore will respond differently to addiction treatment. To fully treat an addiction, you must treat the whole person and all their nuances. Each treatment at Reach substance abuse facilities are customized and comprehensive, making sure that each need of the client is exceeded.

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Reach to Recovery believes that with proper guidance, you can do anything. Including eradicating addiction.

We believe in you.

Reach to Recovery is committed to helping as many people rid themselves of their dependency with the most advanced addiction research and highly compassionate and sympathetic care.

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We can help you

Therapy Sessions

With group and individual therapy, you will have everything you need to get down to the root causes of your addiction, share your struggles, and receive vital and important advice that will empower you to stay sober.

Health Assessment

We will do a full physical and mental health assessment to learn how we can help you better and what we need to do to provide safe detox and lasting recovery.

After Care

When you leave our program, you will have the guidance, resources, and support in place to ensure long-term sobriety.

Detox Services

Go through withdrawal symptoms in the safest and most effective way possible. Adequate supervision will ensure that you are comfortable and at ease during this turbulent phase.